The pride and joy of our firm! 


GEM Weddings began a couple of years after founder, Melissa Reinoso, planned and hosted her very own wedding. Within the two years after her wedding, many friends, family members and acquaintances that were in the process of planning their wedding expressed how frustrated and overwhelmed they were with all the details. Many said “I just want to get it over and done with!” Rather than sharing exciting news of their planning process or experiencing joy to be planning what would be one of their most important days, brides, and even grooms, would only speak of the horror and stress they were living. The lack of joy coming from those couples became a genuine concern for Melissa since all she had were beautiful, memorable thoughts and things to say about her personal planning experience.

This sparked a desire in her to change the wedding planning game for couples into something they could speak of without cringing; ultimately to live the GEM Experience – ease in planning, joy throughout the journey, nostalgia when looking back to their planning days, and most importantly the desire to relive their wedding day time and time again.

Today, we are delighted to share that we have succeeded in delivering the GEM Experience to hundreds of couples. We have become wedding crisis managers within the industry, saving weddings time and again, from planners who have failed to deliver expertise and from couples who have almost quit on their own wedding.




GEM Events are just as important and produced just as successfully as our GEM Weddings! From bridal showers, engagement dinners, corporate soirees to baby showers, gender reveals, birthdays and much more, we work just as hard to provide the GEM Experience and to make the event one for the books for our clients.

GEM Weddings & Events formerly owned GEM Banquet Hall, through which hundreds of events were organized and coordinated with phenomenal service and above average success rates. 


Our GEM Team consists of founder Melissa Reinoso, who operates as the lead wedding planner and creative director for weddings and on occasion, events. We work with a number of in-house, seasoned wedding planners, event designers and coordinators, as well as a number of interns who assist in all areas.


Throughout the years, we have curated a select number of specialty vendors we have had the pleasure of working with. Not all vendors are created equal, so we have hand picked those we know will deliver above and beyond to our clients. 


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